What is Biodynamic Farming?


So you put cow poo in a horn and bury it…
please, tell me more!

Petrichor Wines is working towards biodynamic certification and we have practised biodynamic farming since we became custodians of our land. It was a simple decision for us, we have always had an organic garden, respecting what we put into the earth and our bodies. Biodynamics moves us forward in our farming evolution and just makes sense. Looking after the soil, the environment and being in tune with the cosmos and the seasons.

We have engaged local Biodynamic viticulturist specialist Mark Hoey of Specialized Vineyard Services to assist with site preparation, composting strategies and vineyard design and establishment.

Petrichor Wines are members of Biodynamics Tasmania

Some more technical insights:

The integration of the physical environment (terroir) and their cosmic environment, leading to health, balance and sustainability. Biodynamic farming is an alternate method of organic farming, using traditional farming techniques and a prescribed list of biological or natural preparations. The grandfather of biodynamics is Rudolf Steiner, who outlined an entire philosophy of life.

Biodynamics is achieved through:

  • Sustainability of resources – soil, plants and animals

  • Application of horn manure (500) and horn silica (501) and other preparations

  • Following the rhythms of nature and of the cosmos

  • Aiming for a great diversity of plants and animals

  • Formation of living soil

The soil needs to be respected and conserved, it must be enlivened, regenerated and developed. This is an ongoing process. The fundamental aim of biodynamics is the production of quality nutrition, whilst respecting nature and the animals that live in it.